AMI's Historic Bar on Bridge Street

Where Legends Drink on beautiful Anna Maria Island, Florida. Your local dive bar!

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Open Daily 7:00 AM to 2:00 AM

* All activities subject to change. Inquire with the bar manager for the most current and accurate schedule of activities.

Cold Drinks. Priceless Memories.

Known by the locals for ice cold beer, delicious cocktails, live music, and daily entertainment including bingo, bar poker, and karaoke!

A Rich History on Anna Maria Island

Drift-In AMI, established in 1925, is the icon of Anna Maria Island. Located on Historic Bridge Street in the heart of Bradenton Beach, “The Drift” is famous for Ice Cold Cocktails, Live Music, and daily entertainment including Bingo, Bar Poker, and Karaoke! The Legend Himself, aka the Sultan of Swat, George Herman BABE Ruth once owned “The Drift”. Today lifelong Bradenton residents Derek and Helena Williams own Drift-In AMI taking over the reins from the one and only Jose Cuervo and Mrs. Angie in December 2022.

This is the best bar to drink at on the island. Hands down! From the live music to the daily activities there is nowhere else you need to be.

Ryan D.

Kentucky Transplant

A honest to goodness local bar with great prices, great service, and plenty of good times to share. Cheers!

Jamie O.

Florida Native

Live music, cold beer, and friendly staff make for a relaxing evening while on vacation.

Matt L.

Pennington, NJ

I always enjoy watching my people. Some even feel me up while taking selfies which I really enjoy.

Double "D" Debbie

Watchful Eyes

If I were still kicking it I'd be the first to say that the the Drift-In AMI is a real home run.

George Herman

The Sultan of Swat

Beverly Hills has nothing on Anna Maria Island, and there's nothing like the Drift-In AMI in Cali.

Daisy May

Granny Clampett